Lennox School

Lennox badge logo rgbLennox School is our newest School Base, introduced in 2020 to keep up with the ever-growing student intake and to ensure that every child continued to be seen, heard and supported. Named after Annie Lennox, Lennox School strives to embody the kindness, individuality and bravery that Annie Lennox has shown throughout her career.

Annie Lennox is not only a talented musician and performer, but has also done incredible charity work and has raised awareness for LGBTQ+ issues such as equal rights and HIV & AIDS. The incredible work of Annie Lennox is truly inspiring and Lennox School encourages all students to reach new heights in their own lives through the many opportunities Varndean School offers.

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Head of School - John Lamb

I began my teaching career as a Science teacher in 1998. I initially worked in South London before relocating to Brighton in 2003.

Since then I have worked in schools on the South Coast in various roles including Head of Science, Head of Year and as a senior leader.

I still get excited by teaching and learning, even after so many years. I genuinely enjoy my time at school in and out of the classroom.

I am very proud to be the Head of Lennox School. It is really exciting to work in a small school with such a strong sense of community. We are very aspirational as a school and work together to achieve our best.

When I'm not teaching I'm usually running.

Deputy Head of School - Fran O'Callaghan

I began my teaching career after completing my PGCE in Physical Education from the University of Brighton. I progressed in my career by focusing on the different pastoral areas, firstly leading a PSHE and Careers Department and then later becoming a Head of Year.

I am fully dedicated to my role as Deputy Head of Lennox School and supporting all our students: I believe a good pastoral system can aid students' development and aspirations. Each student has their own identity and I want them to feel supported in reaching their own potential and achieving their own goals. 

School Leader - Emma Sutton

I joined Varndean in September 2020, so I am as new to the school as Lennox Base. Therefore, I am extremely excited for us to grow together.

I studied English at the University of Leeds (BA Hons) a long time ago! Throughout my career, I have worked as a Business Consultant in the Financial sector, an Account Manager in the Charity sector, as well as within Education in more recent years. I am also a Governor at a local primary school. Having worked in different sectors, different countries and with different age groups, I believe the key skill needed to make meaningful connections is the ability to listen.

As School Leader, I believe it is important to do all we can to help our students live emotionally healthy lives. I am here to provide support to both students and their families, to ensure Lennox students thrive at Varndean and achieve their aspirations, whatever they may be.

School Leader - Lorina Ventura

Hello, my name is Miss Ventura and I am a School Leader. I studied Psychomotor Rehabilitation (Movement Therapy) at the University of Human Kinetics (Faculdade de Motricidade Humana) in Lisbon, Portugal. I've studied up to the Master's Degree having specialised in Therapeutic Intervention and Behaviour Management in Education settings. After completing my studies I've worked in pastoral roles and middle management for about 12 years. I've furthered my career using my therapy background as a guide towards student wellbeing and academic success. 

My vision and ethos is to have and inspire a growth mindset in others, guiding and supporting students to fulfil their individual aspirations through motivation and discipline. I want the schools I work in to thrive and reach their maximum potential and will do my absolute best for this to happen. If you have any questions or need any support please either contact me by phone or email on lorinaventura@varndean.co.uk