Our Staff

Shelley Baker - Headteacher
Gareth Hughes - Deputy Headteacher
Lynn Hill - Director of Finance and Operations

Hannah Butcher - Assistant Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead
Sara Connolly - Assistant Headteacher
Laura Fairbank - Assistant Headteacher & Acting SENCO
Judith Ford - Assistant Headteacher
Abigail Holder - Assistant Headteacher
Elise James - Assistant Headteacher
John Lamb - Assistant Headteacher
Georgia Neale - Assistant Headteacher
Andy Roberts - Assistant Headteacher


Lennox School

John Lamb - Head of Lennox School, Assistant Headteacher


Fran O'Callaghan - Deputy Head of Lennox School


Emma Sutton - Lennox School Leader


Lorina Ventura - Lennox School Leader  

Angelou School

Elise James - Head of Angelou School, English Teacher


Sam Whiteman - Deputy Head of Angelou School, PE Teacher


Andrea Longueira - Angelou School Leader


Jo Goatley - Angelou School Leader

Russell School

Abigail Holder - Head of Russell School


Lucy Smallwood - Russell School Leader


Rachel Christy - Russell School Leader

Turing School

Andy Roberts - Head of Turing School


Georgina Maltby - Deputy Head of Turing School, Technology teacher


Natasha Didcott - Turing School Leader


Beverley Skingle - Turing School Leader

Ellis School

Laura Fairbank - Head of Ellis School/Assistant Headteacher


Sandra Knights - Deputy Head of Ellis School


Caroline Ball - Ellis School Leader


Donna Mills - Ellis School Leader

Full Staff List

Jamie Adams Other Premises Staff  
Mary Adams Cleaner  
Sergio Aguilar Catering Staff  
Tolu Akingbade Teacher of English tolulopeakingbade@varndean.co.uk
Summaya Asif Mathematics Teacher  summayaasif@varndean.co.uk
Sue Attia Art & Design Teacher  sueattia@varndean.co.uk
Ben Bagilhole Caretaker  
Nikki Baird English Teacher  nikkibaird@varndean.co.uk
Maddy Baker Admin Assistant maddybaker@varndean.co.uk
Shelley Baker Headteacher kirstiewright@varndean.co.uk
Caroline Ball Ellis School Leader  carolineball@varndean.co.uk
Aalia Bano Teaching Assistant aaliabano@varndean.co.uk
Kate Barnes Head of Geography  katebarnes@varndean.co.uk
Jolie Bartley Head of Performing Arts joliebartley@varndean.co.uk
Chadia Bchir Catering Staff  
Josh Beckwith Science Teacher joshbeckwith@varndean.co.uk
Chiara Bergaglio Art, Design and Digital Design Teacher chiarabergaglio@varndean.co.uk
David Berliner Director Of Music  davidberliner@varndean.co.uk
Tom Betts Alternative Provision & Inclusion Manager  tombetts@varndean.co.uk
Alex Beyfus Data, Sims & Exams Manager alexbeyfus@varndean.co.uk
Alex Bishop Geography Teacher alexbishop@varndean.co.uk
Peter Bishopp Cleaner  
Kerry Bonwick Assistant Medical Officer kerrybonwick@varndean.co.uk
Corinne Bowen Catering Staff  
Kerrie Braybrook Cleaner  
Nick Bright Caretaker  
Angela Brookes Science Lead Professional angelabrookes@varndean.co.uk
Alida Browne Geography Teacher alidabrowne@varndean.co.uk
Suzanne Bryant Languages Teacher  suzannebryant@varndean.co.uk
Laura Bush Head of Science laurabush@varndean.co.uk
Hannah Butcher Assistant Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead hannahbutcher@varndean.co.uk
Amanda Carroll Careers Advisor amandacarroll@varndean.co.uk
Rebbecca Chamberlain PE teacher rebbeccachamberlain@varndean.co.uk
Petroula Charalambous Catering Staff  
Sylvia Chinamora Washroom Supervisor  
Rachel Christy Russell School Leader  rachelchristy@varndean.co.uk
Tim Clarke Physical Education Teacher / IAG / Curriculum Development Manager TimClarke@varndean.co.uk
Charlotte Clayton Science Teacher charlotteclayton@varndean.co.uk
Jacob Collins Science Teacher jacobcollins@varndean.co.uk
Kieran Colverd Mathematics Teacher kierancolverd@varndean.co.uk
Sara Connolly Assistant Headteacher  saraconnolly@varndean.co.uk
Karen Cooke Religious Studies Teacher karencooke@varndean.co.uk
Stacey Corken Languages Teacher  Staceycorken@varndean.co.uk
Antonio Luis Correa Jimenez Catering Assistant   
Claire Cossey Art & Design Teacher & Displays Coordinator  Clairecossey@varndean.co.uk
Andrew Craggs Performing Arts Technician andrewcraggs@varndean.co.uk
Leon Cyganik Head Chef  
Petra Daly Cover Supervisor petradaly@varndean.co.uk
Teresa Dee School Governance Support Officer Teresadee@varndean.co.uk
Caroline Devlin Cleaner  
Steve Devlin Site Manager  stevedevlin@varndean.co.uk
Natasha Didcott Turing School Leader  natashadidcott@varndean.co.uk
Karen Doherty Reception Team Leader karendoherty@varndean.co.uk
Kathrine Duncan Languages Teacher & Cover Supervisor  kathrineduncan@varndean.co.uk
Jack Durling Art Technician jackdurling@varndean.co.uk 
Ian Edwards ICT Technician IanEdwards@varndean.co.uk
Aurelie Elder Head of Health & Social Care  aurelieelder@varndean.co.uk
Charlie Evans Head of DT charlieevans@varndean.co.uk
Laura Fairbank Head of Ellis School/Assistant Headteacher/Acting SENCO laurafairbank@varndean.co.uk
Ghyllan Farley Finance Officer ghyllanfarley@varndean.co.uk
Alex Ferrari Science Teacher & Forest School  alexferrari@varndean.co.uk
Catarina Ferreira Cleaner  
Fatumata Ferreira Cleaner and Catering Assistant   
Hallie Finn Cleaner  
Dan Flower Deputy SENCO, History Teacher  danflower@varndean.co.uk
Judith Ford Assistant Headteacher  Judithford@varndean.co.uk
David Fouracre Head of Media Studies & English Teacher  Davidfouracre@varndean.co.uk
Pamela Fulton Admin Assistant: ILS pamelafulton@varndean.co.uk
Amanda Gatenby Catering Assistant   
Noel German Mathematics Teacher  noelgerman@varndean.co.uk
Dawn Gillam Head of English dawngillam@varndean.co.uk
Jo Goatley Angelou School Leader jogoatley@varndean.co.uk 
James Gorman Teaching Assistant jamesgorman@varndean.co.uk
Alice Green Cleaner  
Tabitha Green Mathematics Teacher tabithagreen@varndean.co.uk
Celia Gu Catering Assistant  
Jessamyn Guiver Teaching Assistant jessguiver@varndean.co.uk
Justin Hartley Cleaner  
Toby Hawker History Teacher  tobyhawker@varndean.co.uk
Nicole Hayes English Teacher  nicolehayes@varndean.co.uk
Phoebe Head Dance Teacher  phoebehead@varndean.co.uk
Sam Head Science Technician samhead@varndean.co.uk
Caroline Heath Medical Officer carolineheath@varndean.co.uk
Antony Herbert Mathematics Teacher  antonyherbert@varndean.co.uk
Jamie Hill Admin Support jamiehill@varndean.co.uk
Lynn Hill Director of Finance and Operations lynnhill@varndean.co.uk
Marie Hills Faculty Departmental Assistant for Science & Attendance Support mariehills@varndean.co.uk
Judith Hodson School Archivist judithhodson@varndean.co.uk
Abigail Holder Head of Russell School  abigailholder@varndean.co.uk
Barbara Howard Languages Teacher  Barbarahoward@varndean.co.uk
Steve Howell Reprographics Technician stevehowell@varndean.co.uk
Gareth Hughes Deputy Headteacher  garethhughes@varndean.co.uk
Viktoria Jakobik Science Teacher viktoriajakobik@varndean.co.uk
Elise James Assistant Headteacher, Head of Angelou School, Pupil Premium Lead, English Teacher elisejames@varndean.co.uk
Tina Jewell Cover Supervisor tinajewell@varndean.co.uk
Josephine Johns Catering Manager josephinejohns@varndean.co.uk
Cathy Johnson Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Inclusion cathyjohnson@varndean.co.uk
Hazel Johnson Senior Science Technician Hazeljohnson@varndean.co.uk
Maddie Johnson PE Teacher maddiejohnson@varndean.co.uk
Louise Julian Teaching Assistant louisejulian@varndean.co.uk
Isabelle Kaye Teaching Assistant & Animal Therapy Lead isabellekaye@varndean.co.uk
Tatiana Khalfa English Teacher  tatianakhalfa@varndean.co.uk
Elaine Kiely Faculty/Departmental Assistant for English  elainekiely@varndean.co.uk
Sandra Knights Deputy Head of Ellis School, Assistant Headteacher  sandraknights@varndean.co.uk
John Lamb Head of Lennox School, Assistant Headteacher johnlamb@varndean.co.uk
Freya Leman Science Lead Professional freyaleman@varndean.co.uk
Luke Leverett IT Apprentice lukeleverett@varndean.co.uk
Andrea Longueira School Leader  andrealongueira@varndean.co.uk
Steve Low Business & Enterprise Teacher stevelow@varndean.co.uk 
Hayley Lyford Teaching Assistant hayleylyford@varndean.co.uk
Tina Lynsdale Finance Officer tinalynsdale@varndean.co.uk
Helen Macdonald Head of Dance  helenmacdonald@varndean.co.uk
Georgina Maltby Deputy Head of Turing School, Technology Teacher georginamaltby@varndean.co.uk
Kerry Mason Safeguarding Officer kerrymason@varndean.co.uk
Marlina Matte Teaching Assistant  marlinamatte@varndean.co.uk
Emily May Teaching Assistant emilymay@varndean.co.uk
Isobel McCall Acting Head of English  isobelmccall@varndean.co.uk
Ross Mckenzie Mathematics Teacher rossmckenzie@varndean.co.uk
Diane McNamara Attendance Officer dianemcnamara@varndean.co.uk
Adam Michaels Geography Teacher adammichaels@varndean.co.uk
Kitty Millar Teaching Assistant kittymillar@varndean.co.uk
Donna Mills Ellis School Leader  donnamills@varndean.co.uk
Amanda Mold Receptionist amandamold@varndean.co.uk
Borja Montes Catering Assistant   
Ruth Moore English Teacher ruthmoore@varndean.co.uk
Niall Murray Music Teacher niallmurray@varndean.co.uk
Pip Musker School Counsellor pipmusker@varndean.co.uk
Emma Muzio Lead Professional ADHD (LAC) Emmamuzio@varndean.co.uk
Lubna Nasir Teaching Assistant lubnanasir@varndean.co.uk
Georgia Neale Assistant Headteacher, (maternity cover) Head of Russell School  georgianeale@varndean.co.uk
Melo Neves Alves Cleaner  
Sarah Newington English Teacher sarahnewington@varndean.co.uk
Lorraine Newman Languages Teacher  lorrainenewman@varndean.co.uk
Leonie Offley Lead Attachment Teacher  leonieoffley@varndean.co.uk
Fran O'Callaghan Deputy Head of Lennox School franocallaghan@varndean.co.uk
Kieran O'Sullivan English Teacher  kieranosullivan@varndean.co.uk
Stephen Over Cleaner  
Dylan Owen SEMH Lead Teacher Dylanowen@varndean.co.uk
Luke Palmer School Counsellor lukepalmer@varndean.co.uk
Simon Pang Caretaker  
Charlotte Partridge Senco Support charlottepartridge@varndean.co.uk
Laura Pearce Technology Technician laurapearce@varndean.co.uk
Gosia Piotrowicz Food Technology Technician gosiapiotrowicz@varndean.co.uk
Luke Piper Mathematics Teacher lukepiper@varndean.co.uk
Maria Prasanna Lead Computing Teacher  mariaprasanna@varndean.co.uk
Nicola Raven Head of Mathematics  Nicolaraven@varndean.co.uk
James Rayment English Teacher  jamesrayment@varndean.co.uk
Joy Reed Cleaner   
Lara Rees Cleaner and Catering Assistant  
Andy Roberts Head of Turing School  Andyroberts@varndean.co.uk
Iyla Rogers Cleaner  
Hannah Salliss Maths Teacher hannahsalliss@varndean.co.uk
Francisco Sanchez Fernandez Catering Assistant  
Bal Sanghera Teaching Assistant  balsanghera@varndean.co.uk
Lipi Sanyal English Teacher  lipisanyal@varndean.co.uk
Helen Sevink Head of Art & Design helensevink@varndean.co.uk
Angela Simmonds PE Teacher i/c Girls & Equalities Lead angelasimmonds@varndean.co.uk
Rebecca Sinclair Head of Religious Studies/Sociology & Sociology rebeccasinclair@varndean.co.uk
Beverley Skingle Turing School Leader beverlyskingle@varndean.co.uk
Lucy Smallwood Russell School Leader  lucysmallwood@varndean.co.uk
Paula Smith Teaching Assistant paulasmith@varndean.co.uk
Tim Speller Food Technology Teacher Timspeller@varndean.co.uk
Matthew Staples ICT Network Manager matthewstaples@varndean.co.uk
Luca Stingone Administration Apprentice lucastingone@varndean.co.uk
Emma Sutton Lennox School Leader emmasutton@varndean.co.uk
Molly Swain HR Officer mollyswain@varndean.co.uk
Claudia Sweeting Art & Design Teacher 


Andrew Symes Education Welfare Officer Andrewsymes@varndean.co.uk
Dorota Tatarewicz Catering Supervisor  
Kath Thickett Cover Supervisor kaththickett@varndean.co.uk
Calum Thomas Director of Physical Education  calumthomas@varndean.co.uk
Mel Thomas Head of External Relations melthomas@varndean.co.uk
Paulina Tofilska-Gorka Exams Officer paulinatofilskagorka@varndean.co.uk
Grace Tozer Textiles Technician gracetozer@varndean.co.uk
Jamie Trott Drama Teacher  jamietrott@varndean.co.uk
Kelsey Truckle Maths Teacher kelseytruckle@varndean.co.uk
Stuart Tuck Physical Education Technician Stuarttuck@varndean.co.uk
Ed Tyson English Coach edtyson@varndean.co.u
Enrique Varea Calvo Mathematics Teacher  enriquevareacalvo@varndean.co.uk
Lorina Ventura Lennox School Leader  lorinaventura@varndean.co.uk
James Waite Languages Teacher jameswaite@varndean.co.uk
Naomi Wanstall Science Teacher naomiwanstall@varndean.co.uk
Harriet Ward Head of History harrietward@varndean.co.uk
Sarah Wenn English Teacher/Lead Professional Sarahwenn@varndean.co.uk
Clare Weston Cleaner  
Frank Wheeley Mathematics teacher Lead Professional KS4 franciswheeley@varndean.co.uk
Sam Whiteman Deputy Head of Angelou School, PE Teacher samwhiteman@varndean.co.uk
Benjamin Whiteside English teacher benjaminwhiteside@varndean.co.uk
Gwyn Wilson Science Technician gwynwilson@varndean.co.uk
Kiera Wood Science Teacher kierawood@varndean.co.uk
Rachael Wood Design Technology Teacher Rachaelwood@varndean.co.uk
Catherine Workman Deputy SENCO catherineworkman@varndean.co.uk
Kirstie Wright Personal Assistant to Headteacher kirstiewright@varndean.co.uk
Nicky Wright History Teacher Nicolawright@varndean.co.uk
Susanna York Head of Modern Foreign Languages  susannayork@varndean.co.uk