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Health and Social Care sits within the Science department and can be taken as a BTEC Award from Year 9 onwards.

Health and Social Care is a vocational subject concerned with the real world. We study the many changes people experience and the roles and relationships that are necessary to support us.

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.


Why study this subject? 

The BTEC is an established qualification that can be a gateway to further education as well directly to employment in Health and Social Care Professions. There will be many opportunities to study roles of people in those professions and find out about what it means to be a paramedic, nurse or social worker. 

Topics of Study and Assignments 

In Year 9: Students study the different life stages. We will discover the types of growth and development associated with those life stages. We will investigate the roles of both professional and informal support for needs that are specific to a life stage or that may be common to all of them. These investigations will be enriched with visits from experts such as physiotherapists, school and community nurses and foster carers.

In Year 10: Students build upon their knowledge of roles and responsibilities of health and social care professionals by researching and writing a report on Early Years provision in Brighton and Hove. This is based around a 4 day placement in a local nursery. This primary research is valued highly by our examining body OCR. In Year 11: Students study the remaining examined content including: ‘Factors that affect human growth and development’, ‘How Relationships affect our Self Concept’, ‘Life Changes and Sources of Support’. These topics are explored via real life case studies. 

The Team

Aurelie Elder has been teaching since the turn of the millenium and has a History BA and PGCE from Sussex, as well as her MEd in Creativity, Technology and Thinking from Exeter. She is from Devon and enjoys cream teas at the end of lovely long walks across the Moors and more locally, the South Downs. 

Events and Activities 

Placement in nursery throughout Year 10.

Enrichment Week Year 10 Work Experience in a further Early Years Setting.

NHS Careers Fair visit.

Living Library visiting experts from Health and Social Care professions.