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Students devise menu for Major Tim Peake!

It may be older news now but with all the excitement over Major Tim Peake we thought you may be interested to read this news story from last year.

Food Technology teacher Mr Desborough entered his then Year 7 class into a national Space Food competition in which they had to create a space menu for UK Astronaut Major Tim Peake! The challenge was to devise a menu comprising starter, main course, dessert and drink. The winning students were to be invited to develop their ideas further with celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, and those ideas would be turned into real space food to be launched to the ISS. 

Year 7 student Rudaba Rahman wrote about her team’s particular challenges, ‘For the past few weeks, a handful of Year 7 classes were asked to plan and design their own British themed space meals in the hope that these meal ideas and recipes could be entered in the national competition where, if they win, they would have a chance to develop a meal with professional, famous chef, dehydrate it and send it into space with British astronaut, Tim Peake.

After we had been briefed about the competition, we were asked to arrange into groups of 4 then assign roles such as: spokesperson; investigator; time keeper; captain. After this we were asked to design a menu of a starter, main-course, drink and dessert. While we were in the early stages of planning this meal we were dropped a bombshell, I mean, uh, important information: we were allowed up to 500g of salt in the entire meal. So our group got thinking, trying extremely hard to think of a meal with a minimal amount of salt.

Finally, we came up with a menu and were asked to assign jobs, like who would cook the starter; main-course and dessert. When all this had been done, all we had to do was collect the ingredients and wait anxiously for next week’s lesson to cook.

The cooking lesson finally arrived and as soon as the actual cooking started, one word sprang to everyone’s mind: pressure. We were to cook the meal in 50 minutes after which we were expected to serve the meal to a panel of judges (including Headteacher, Mr Deighan) which would be rated on: space criteria, creativity, British theme, presentation and, of course, taste. So we got on with it.

My team was making, for starter, a leek and potato soup with a range of British herbs. Then, for the main, roast beef seasoned with herbs in caramelised onion gravy, served with herb-filled mashed potatoes and hot cabbage and carrot. For dessert we had a chocolate Victoria sponge and chocolate cream-filling. Then we took the British classic, Eton mess and gave it a twist: turning it into a milkshake for a refreshing drink.

All the teams were working drastically in the kitchen, determined to complete the challenge they set out to do. From a contestant’s view, it was hard not to have an occasional glance at what the other participants were doing and I knew my team-members were doing the same.

The clocked ticked away and we continued to give 100% effort. Eventually, the time came when Mr Desborough told us it was time to present and serve. That was when, one by one, the judges started arriving.

Wandering around slowly, in turn, they all tasted everyone’s food, complimented our work and left. By 12:30, all there was left to do was clean-up.

All in all, the experience was great and we were able to learn a number of skills as well as a peep into the life of Master Chef and I know that everyone is waiting eagerly to hear the results.'

We weren't chosen as the winners, however one team, named Apollo Gary the Snail, were acknowledged for their entry with highly commended by Mr Blumenthal and Mr Peake! We are so proud to have taken part in this competition, of our students and for this amazing result.