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Enrichment 2016:Reflection

The end of Enrichment has arrived and all the activities are wrapped up.


Art and ceramics enrichment finished up their final projects today. Ceramics were putting final touches to their lanterns before they went in the kiln. Science had a trip to Bletchley Park yesterday to learn more about Alan Turing's work during wartime. This is of particular interest for our school as Turing School is named after him.

Ceramics-tester lanterns


Creative Writing enrichment has been having a great time this week. Ms Baker has been running the course and together they have written playscripts and poetry. Yesterday they visited the Jubilee Library and explored the resources there. Today they wrote poetry inspired by colours and also used an aspect of painting and illustration to enhance these poems. This week has also been special as this is Ms Baker’s last week teaching.

The BA Crest award finished up today with staff from Sussex University coming in to assess their final projects.

The Songwriting group performed their piece and had it filmed by students on the film making course. Mr Owen, who ran the course, commented, “It’s been noisy and hot”. The students look like they have had a fantastic time this week. A Year 8 drama student said, “ it was challenging but really good”.

All the performing arts enrichment opportunities came to a close today, with final performances taking place all over the school in venues such as the main hall and the amphitheatre. Dance enrichment students collated all the skills they have gathered from the week including those from a trip to a local studio in Brighton - Bird Studios - and a visit to London to present in thoer performance. Creative Writing participants also performed some poetry today in the amphitheatre, as well as Drama enrichment showcasing their work from the week.

Planning and Preparing a Meal enrichment students served their meal at lunchtime today. This was a 3 course meal offering a vegetarian option or ‘Varndean sausages’. Students appear to have really enjoyed themselves this week and learned new techniques such as “bain-marie”. One student said, ”it has been very enjoyable and I have learned some new things”. The meal today included handmade pork sausages; handmade pasta; chocolate tart; summer pudding and a selection of interesting beverages such as mint lemonade and elderflower cordial.

All residential trips that have been taking place across the week return today. Please check the returns article for specific timings for each individual trip. Also check the Varndean twitter page for other regular updates and view our photo galleries.