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Careers and Post-16 Information

Students and parents at a Making the Grade event featuring local colleges
Students and parents at a Wellbeing and Progress event featuring local colleges

Some of us have a very clear idea of what we'd like to do career-wise, whereas some of us find this topic much more difficult. Wherever you sit in this range, there is much guidance we can offer at Varndean School.

Where to begin? For younger students, the options for the future activities are a great place to start. As you progress through school, thoughts turn to colleges and post-16 options, and information about their open days and the courses on offer is vital to keep you up to speed. 

Our overall aim is to provide a world-class careers programme which supports and encourages students to develop high aspirations, sustain employability and achieve personal and economic wellbeing throughout their lives.

Careers Programme Information

The Varndean Careers Journey

Provider Access Policy

Careers Lead: Tim Clarke 01273 561281

Latest News 

Post-16 Open Evenings - put together by Ms Carroll, Independent Careers Advisor at Varndean School, available in school every Wednesday during term time. 


Varndean School uses unifrog, a complete destinations platform which supports all students with discovering, exploring, researching, planning and deciding on their next steps.

Every student is set up with a unifrog account when they join Varndean School. Unifrog is a one-stop-shop where students can explore and compare post-16 and post-18 options, including universities in 30 other countries across the world. This is alongside getting access to labour market information and advice on careers and subjects for all routes. 

Students can use unifrog to record and evidence their activities and competencies, prepare a CV and write a personal statement.

Parents can also be linked to their child's unifrog account to receive regular updates on their progress.

3 minute introduction to Unifrog for parents/carers

Options for the Future

Unifrog Subject Library
Login to unifrog and click on the 'subjects library' tool. From here you can search subject to study at post-16 or university including entry requirements, recommended reading, films and podcasts.

I have a career idea and want to know more

If you already have career ideas, you can use the National Careers Service to search for the job or, better still, use the Job Families (groups of jobs) to explore. Use of the groups allows you to discover similar or related jobs.

Tip: Make use of the links at the end of each article.

I want to generate some career ideas

Career matching quizzes.

These take a bit longer - but the quizzes make a logical match between the things that interest you/your values and potential job roles.

Fast Tomato

Labour Market Information

Compare jobs using the Careerometer

The Careerometer tool lets you compare the average wages and working hours of up to three jobs in England. Simply type in the first career that you think you might be interested in and select from the drop-down list, then add your second and third choices to see the comparison.

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Labour market information tells you about the local or national demand that there is for different skills and from different industries. Labour market information tells you:

  • Which jobs are likely to be easiest or hardest to find in your area
  • Which are the big employers in different areas and which ones have jobs on offer
  • What skills employers are looking for and which are in short supply
  • How much you can expect to be paid in specific jobs
  • What working conditions are like
  • What qualifications will be most helpful if you want a certain career
  • What the jobs of the future might look like and which jobs might disappear


Unifrog Careers Library

Use the unifrog Careers Library tool to search for careers of interest that are linked to different subjects, learn what different jobs entail, skills needed, number of jobs and salaries.


The Pay Index

The Pay Index is a set of easy-to-use online tools to support school and college students in Years 9-14 as they consider their further education and career options at this important stage of their lives. Using up-to-date and comprehensive labour market information, the Pay Index helps students take a close look at:

  • How might a university degree affect my salary?
  • What value would a degree bring to my future job prospects and employability?
  • How would doing an apprenticeship impact my future salary and career prospects? 
  • What is the gender pay gap and what could its impact be on my salary and career prospects?
  • Does where I live or go to university affect my future job prospects?


Password: Sussex_teach2021!


National Careers Service

If you're looking for job market information by region, then the National Careers Service website is really useful. Using their interactive map, simply click on the area that you'd like to find out about and you'll be presented with lots of information about the local labour market. On this website, you can find out about the employment rate, skills shortages, growing industries, employment forecasts and the types of jobs that are popular in that area.


The Peak Earnings Predictor

What's the highest salary you'll earn in your career? Use this interactive tool to calculate when you'll hit your 'peak earnings' and how high your salary could climb.


Education Development Trust (EDT) Bulletin

Read the Education Development Trust's (EDT) LMI Bulletins to find out more about current and future work opportunities.


A full-time paid job, with training for job-related qualifications. Search for, shortlist and apply for apprenticeship vacancies using unifrog.

What is an apprenticeship?

How to apply for an apprenticeship


Additional apprenticeship search websites:


Training organisations who provide apprenticeships, traineeships and pre-employment training in Sussex:


Find apprenticeship programmes:

College Courses

Our main post-16 providers are listed below:

Varndean College



Welcome to BHASVIC


Brighton MET and Northbrook MET


There is a priority deadline for students applying to Varndean or BHASVIC. This deadline is usually at the end of the first week of December. Students who submit their application by this deadline will be guaranteed a college place, providing they meet the college entry requirements.

Below is a link to the full list of post-16 local providers and information about their open events.

Full list of providers

Varndean Student Destinations


UCAS If you know what degree subject interests you, you can look at the entry requirements and A level subjects needed. At GCSE level, most universities will require English and Mathematics, some degree subjects will also ask for Science. They may ask for a grade profile. Always look at a few different universities - they can have different requirements.

Which? University Offers an overview of degree course content and most frequently required subjects. It also provides some useful advice for choosing GCSEs and how it relates to university.


Some careers require you to get work experience - but sometimes you can achieve this through volunteering. Find out more on the Do-it be More website.

Where could your favourite subject take you?

BBC Bitesize

Looking for job inspiration? Check out our job profiles to help you get started. Hear from people who are using subjects that interest you, see how much you could get paid for different roles and find out what qualifications you might need to follow in their footsteps.



Take the 'interests profile' quiz on unifrog to find out your interest areas and explore your subject matches!


Working in… 

Information poster about working in Biology Information poster on working in Chemistry Information poster on working in computer science Information poster on working in design technology 

Information poster on working in engineering Information poster on working in English Information poster on working in fine arts Information poster on working in Geography

Information poster on working in History Information poster on working in languages Information poster on working in Mathematics Information poster on working in Music

Information poster on working in physical education Information poster on working in Physics

Useful Websites

Coast to Capital Enterprise Adviser Network - Careers Resources Board

Online and virtual resources to support the CEIAG curriculum.


Learning4Life Sussex

The aim of Learning4Life Sussex is to bring together in one place a wide range of useful links to trusted websites that will provide you with information to inspire, enable and support you to learn, whatever your stage of life or area of interest.


Get Career Confident

Get Career Confident is Sussex-based and provides advice and guidance to young people, their parents or carers and teachers.


  • ‘See To Be’ films - local people showcasing their jobs and what they involve

  • ‘How To’ films - tips on choosing GCSE’s

  • Youtube channel - tops tips for talking to your teens about careers etc.

  • Newsletter

  • Other parent/carer focussed resources


icould uses the power of personal stories to inform young peoples' career choices. Free and simple to use, features over 1000 videos of people talking about their careers - explaining their job role, career path, and how different factors have shaped their direction. 

Each video is matched with labour market information - such as salary, qualifications and future employment.



A comprehensive web-based source of information about a wide range of careers.


Success at School

A web resource that contains a wide amount of information about different careers.

How are you doing? Still thinking? Try these questions…