Culture Day at Varndean!

April 21st 2023

Student Voice is an important part of our community values at Varndean, so when Student Headteacher Denise came up with the idea of holding a culture day, we listened.

Denise envisaged students (and staff!) embracing their own heritage and celebrating others' through clothing, food, games and music to encourage a real sense of belonging, vital to all our wellbeing. 

With the help of friends Sosseh, Phine and Tayla the team quickly got to work, planning, organising, speaking to people and building excitement. A huge thank you to Educational Consultant John Lynch who came in to deliver a workshop to students, local chef Mohammed Assaduzaman and Afrori Books. With activities planned throughout the day, the main event took place in the hall at lunchtime, with food and games, culminating in a fashion show.

Denise and Sosseh put their reflections on the day into words: 

Culture Day - what a life-changing experience for us! The atmosphere was buzzing with life, students were excited to see what was in store.

The day started off with learning the cultural reasons behind students' clothing that explained them and their heritage. Lunch was so extraordinary with stalls with foods such as rice, peas and chicken, and facts and games to keep students entertained. We also held a fashion show with some of the best dressed students walking down with music playing which certainly livened up the room! 

We just want to thank everyone involved in making this day become like a dream to us, and helping our legacy live on.

Denise and Sosseh, Year 11

Varndean Culture Day March 23 1