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Our vision is for students to explore their existing knowledge, and add layers of understanding regarding the functionality of society.

Society does not consist of individuals but expresses the sum of interrelations, the relations within which these individuals stand.


Why Study this Subject?

The study of Sociology primarily introduces students to a new arena of learning. Students embrace the mature nature of the subjects, and for many this informs their choices at sixth form college and beyond. Sociology requires students to look outside themselves at the world around them and apply academic study to the real life world. This involves reading, following current affairs, practical research, debate, analysis and the ability to differ in opinion.

Topics of Study and Assignments

The Sociology course begins with the ‘language’ of Sociology, allowing students to fully understand the concepts within the study of society.

This is then followed by Research Methods, which allows students to understand best practise when studying society, and be aware of the risk of bias.

Students then conduct in-depth analysis of The Family, Youth Subculture and Education. This introduces students to the complexities of these apparently obvious topics, and allows students to begin to investigate sociological theory.

Key skills developed are debating skills, analysis and evaluation. Students are also encouraged to keep abreast of international news and world issues.

The Team

Rebecca Sinclair is the Head of Religious Studies and Sociology.

Events and Activities

Previous trips have included seminars with Varndean Sixth Form College on Criminal Behaviour - utilising guest speakers and local knowledge and experience from Lewes prison.